Clean room atmosphere

Wafer Size

200~300 mm

Carrying Object

Transparent, translucent, or silicon wafer


Aligner for Multiple Types of Wafers
A prealigner for aligning multiple types of wafers̶regardless of wafer materials such as mirror surface,

transparent or translucent wafer; warped wafer; or non-standard notch or orientation flat.

● Available for silicon wafers with BG tape as well as silicon, transparent,or translucent wafers.

● Available for non-SEMI standard notch or flat.
● Z-axis capable of redo operations is optional.

● Size, shape, material of spindle can be changed according to the wafer type.

● Bernoulli type is also available.

● Full auto-adjustment software JEL ALIGN TOOL comes with the aligner.
● Motor drivers and a controller are built in the aligner.
● Control: RS232C and parallel photo I/O

Standard Specifications

Product Model


Carrying Object

SEMI standard 200 to 300 mm wafer (Transparent, translucent, silicon)

Positioning Time

Centering : 3 sec (Wafer pick-up/placing time excluded)

Positioning Accuracy

Centering: Within ±0.1 mm
Flat locating/Notch locating: Within ±0.1 deg


LED light + wafer edge detection with image sensor unit

Wafer Size Change

By command control or switch


ISO Class 2 (at wafer transfer level when exhausting driving part)

Driving Method

2-phase stepping motor (for 3 axes)
Internal motor driver, controller


Power: DC24V±10% 3A
Vacuum: -53 kPa or more


Approx. 10kg


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