Common Problem

Before contacting us, it is recommended to read the relevant questions and prepare corresponding materials.
After receiving your message, customer service personnel or professionals will contact you as soon as possible.

Before Contact

Q: What do I need to prepare before contacting us for after-sales service?

Please refer to the serial number first to contact us on support. Contact us the error codes or contents for any error.

Q: Where is the serial number and error code?

A serial number is labeled or incised mainly on the lower part of connectors of robot/aligner, and the side of the LED display of a controller.
Error codes are displayed on a controller's LED display.


Q: How often should do the Maintenance?

Recommend once a year, but depends on model type. Please confirm the Maintenance manual.


Q: The controller does not display anything after the power-on. Why?

Ensure that the power supply is as specified in the specification.
When the EMG terminal is open, the power will not be turned on.
Please check the interlock function and the power up procedure in the specifications.

Q: The speed is changed using the teaching box, but returned to the original speed after the power-on again. Why?

You cannot change speed if the input speed value is out of the setting range.
Data writing is required after setting the speed.
Please follow the procedure to write to EEPROM.
See the Instruction Manual as the procedure varies depending on the models.

Q: Error 08 occurs when the robot is moved up and down with the arm extended. Why?

When the arm is extended, the vertical movement amount is restricted by the setting.
Check the operating range and change the setting of vertical movement amount in accordance with the Instruction Manual.

Communication Software

Q: No response is returned by using the communication software. Why?

1.If other software is running, close it.
2.Ensure that the communication port of PC is opened.
3.Ensure that the opened port is available.
4.Ensure that the communication cable specifications are the same as those 5.specified in the Control Specifications.
6.Ensure that the select switch is set to position 0.
7.Ensure that the display of the teaching box is off.
8.The communication is not available with the teaching box on.

Q: How do I back up the controller data?

You can save data to PC with the accompanying software JELDATA3 and the dedicated communication cable.


Q: What is "body number"?

A body number is an identification number to identify the corresponding controller to output commands when several controllers are connected.
In a standard setting, a robot is set to body number 1 and an aligner to body number 2.

The Mechanism of the Bernoulli Type End-Effector

Air entered from the supply port generates the Cyclone effect.
Supply air is discharged to the atmosphere between the suction surface and the wafer.
As a result, an air layer is generated between the cyclone pad and the wafer, which enables to lift the wafer without contact.


Bernoulli pad type or Cyclone pad type is selectable depending on the wafer condition.

1.Bernoulli pad type

● Low cost end-effector for thin or warped wafers
● Capable to handle various sizes or types of wafers
● Wafers can be lifted with low stress to minimize damage
● Thickness of the end-effector can be reduced

2.Cyclone pad type

● Cyclone pads (Dia: 25mm; Thickness: 2.5mm) are used
● Capable to handle various sizes or types of wafers, and available for the Bernoulli type aligner
● Stronger holding of wafers compared to the Bernoulli type end-effector

Introduction to Edge-grip end effectors

Edge-grip end effectors

are used to secure the outer edge of the wafer with multiple clamps.

The wafer can be fixed in place using methods

such as cylinders or springs.

This technique is suitable for transporting wafers where contact

with the processed surface is not allowed, as well as for transporting

thin wafers such as MEMS wafers.

When vacuum adsorption could cause stress on the adsorption surface and potentially damage

the wafer, edge gripping is preferred.


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